There's this drink that's basically made up of condensed or evaporated milk and rose cordial syrup. It's called  "Sirap Bandung", invented by the Malays. Bandung is also the name of a city in Indonesia, but make no mistake, because this drink is not from Indonesia. 

A Local favorite

Sirap Bandung is a favorite of many people in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei not just because of its taste, but also because to it is refreshing and possesses a striking pink color. If you do not live in the countries above, don't sweat it, since you can make it yourself, for sure. Here's a good recipe for it, courtesy of a famous grocery shop in Malaysia.

It's tasty and good

What makes sirap bandung so delicious is how well the sweet rose syrup goes with the milkiness of the condensed milk. A healthier way to do it would be to use fresh milk or soy milk instead of condensed milk, and, non-artificial rose cordial syrup instead of the widely available ones that contain additives. Since non-artificial rose cordial syrup is hard to find, you can just make rose cordial syrup at home by mixing about 1/2 a teaspoon of rose essence and a few drops of red coloring together (and a tiny bit of sugar). That way, you are escaping the unnecessary additives in the store-bought ones.

You can get creative with it

Why mix the rose cordial syrup and the milk together when it appears better as two separate layers? Plus, this two-tone version creates a whole new drinking experience. Oh, and pour in some black grass jelly for some more fun (not to mention the cooling effect grass jelly has). Some people even mix in some soda and it becomes a fizzy-rose syrup-milk drink. You can be the first to add boba/pearls. 

At last, you can have something new (and awesome) added to your Barbie party menu.