We all know Simply for their delicious juices and tasty lemonades, but now they’re making milk--almond milk that is. Simply Almond and Simply Almond Vanilla are the two almond milk varieties that both come in sweetened and unsweetened varieties. To keep things simple, Simply Almond is all-natural, with zero grams of added sugar. So you can keep things gluten-free and dairy-free, but not flavor-free.

Simply Almond

If you’re already an avid fan of almond milk like myself, you probably already have your desired preference of almond milk variety. So it’s easy to know which new Simply Almond you’re sure to love. If you’re new to almond milk, no worries, each flavor is just as good as the next. 

If you like things a little sweeter, just opt for Simply Almond Original, or Simply Almond Vanilla. If you want a more traditional vibe, reach for Simply Almond Unsweetened or unsweetened vanilla. I find that when using almond milk for adding to coffee or smoothies I go for a sweetened variety. But when using in cereal or oats I prefer unsweetened, but that’s just me.

The all-new Simply Almond Unsweetened Vanilla and Simply Almond products are available now at grocery stores nationwide in 46oz clear carafes. Just be sure to look in the milk aisle, they probably won’t be next to the other Simply products 😉.