The lights dim, previews begin, and there is the familiar sound of crinkling, tearing, slurping and munching as everyone breaks out the yummy movie snacks they just purchased. Meanwhile, you sigh as you sit empty-handed, or maybe clutching an overpriced sugary beverage because that was literally the only vegan movie snack option at the concession stand.

If this has been you one too many times, fear not; here are 8 mouthwatering vegan movie snack ideas that even the most basic of plant-powered peeps can pull off:

1. Dried Fruit Slices

Hailey Nelson

Who needs apple ring gummies when you can munch on the real deal? From baked apple slices to chocolate-dunked apricots, nature's candy makes a fabulous vegan movie snack because it's sweet and discreet; no obnoxious chomping here, offic — I mean, usher.

2. Black Bean Brownie Bites

If you're a member of the chocoholic club like myself, you don't leave the house without some form of cocoa. Sure, a vegan chocolate bar is good in a pinch, but if you've got some time, treat yourself to black bean brownies.

Make 'em from scratch, or take the easy route by blending a can of beans and adding it to a store bought mix (Betty Crocker has a few vegan-friendly options that can be found at most grocery stores).

3. Next-Level Popcorn

rice, salt, butter, sweet, kettle corn, cereal, corn, popcorn
Sara Carte

Okay, while it's unlikely that you'll be able to smuggle in the same amount of kernels that the non-vegan population has access to, you can certainly stash a sizable amount in bags in your coat or purse. Try out these tasty add-in ideas for popcorn that's lightyears better than the movie stuff. 

4. Seasoned Seeds and/or Nuts

pasture, meat, cereal
Kendra Valkema

Take a note from sports games and nom on some scrumptiously seasoned nuts or seeds during your chosen flick. Go nuts with these candied almonds, or spice things up with these savory pumpkin seeds.

5. Trail Mix

candy, sweet
Christin Urso

Kick it up a notch from the nuts and seeds by throwing in everything but the kitchen sink and making some good ol' trail mix. Get inspired with these 10 cheap and easy DIY mixes.

6. Roasted Chickpeas

tigernut, coffee, sweet, cereal
Sarah Schuette

You won't find a better low-fat, high-protein vegan movie snack than these bad boys. Trade in your salty, bitter feelings towards the snack stand for salty, bitter munchies with salt and vinegar style chickpeas. Satisfy your inner spice girl with this simple, fiery recipe, or try cinnamon-sugar for a sweet fix.

7. No-Bake Energy Balls

Goodness, gracious, great balls of... oats? From cocoa-coffee to peppermint to blueberry-banana, the flavor possibilities with these chewy delights are endless, and the ability to mold them into any size or shape makes them an ideal inconspicuous vegan movie snack candidate. 

8. Vegan Candy Grab-Bag

sweet, chocolate, candy
Sarah Schuette

For the vegan with the insatiable sweet tooth, stuff a plastic baggie with a mix of your favorite vegan candies (need some inspo? Scroll through this list of candies you didn't know were vegan).

#SpoonTip: Make sure everything is out of the wrapper to avoid detection!

Try any of these recipes and you'll never leave for a film without every pocket stuffed with vegan movie snack contraband again. Take that, snack stand.