Last winter, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime. To this day, I remain in contact with all the lovely people I met, including the Israelis on my trip. Birthright Israel is one of the many perks of being Jewish, yes there are many other perks, but today I'll solely focus on this one. Birthright Israel allows Jewish people, 18 to 26, to travel to the holy land for FREE. There are many trips out there, but how do us foodies find the best one? Look no further, Shorashim, an award-winning Birthright Israel trip provider, is now offering 'A Taste of Israel Through the Lens' trip. 

This unbelievable experience offers the social media savvy and food-obsessed alike the perfect avenue to eat for the Insta while connecting to Israel through its myriad of intriguing, local flavors. Wander through legendary markets, explore an organic farm, sample delectable cuisine, and so much more on this inspiring, tasty adventure through the lens of social media and photography. Take advantage of your chance to capture captivating photos of places, people, and food that you'll never forget! Here are five reasons you won't regret spending 10 days with Shorashim.

1. Experience all of Israel's markets

The Machane Yehuda market is one of the many markets Israel has to offer. Shorashim takes you to the best of the best, did someone say hummus?

2. Bedouin tents

When I went on birthright, the bedouin tents was one of my all time favorite spots. Not only is the atmosphere insane, being in the Negev Desert and all, but the food is out of this world.

3. Organic farm

Trying to stay healthy? Shorashim takes you on a Salad Trail in search of the perfect salad. What's better than organic goods from the holy land? I'll wait patiently for your answer.

4. Delectable cuisine

I could use this meal right about now, and thanks to Shorashim you can experience it yourself. Dine the way you deserve to dine, with a druze lunch.

5. Aroma coffee

This may sound shocking, but I hate coffee. However, on Birthright I discovered aroma. Israel does coffee right. To this day, I will not sip on anything but aroma. Looking to see what I'm talking about, don't worry, Shorashim will take you to the best aroma spots in the holy land.

Don't wait and miss out; this summer's program runs from June 7-18 so apply now at: It's time to #JustGo.