Prepare your swimsuit bodies, your liver and above all, your coolers because Shasta season is coming up fast and it’s better that you can make it out in one piece (boat deposits are expensive). In order to keep you alive and rallying, here are the top Shasta essentials to pack in your cooler this year.

1. Mixers/Chasers

Shasta essentials

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If you prefer to drink the hard stuff, consider packing a soft drink you could see yourself tolerating for multiple days (unless you’re trying to chase with beer for the entire weekend). We suggest drinks that can double as a hangover helper as well, such as ginger ale or powdered Gatorade mix.

2. Orange Juice

Shasta essentials

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I mean, I guess you can bring some for the vitamins and minerals, but in reality you just need orange juice for the morning mimosas.

3. Condiments

Shasta essentials

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Are you stoked for burgers and hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Bringing your own condiments assures that you at least made an attempt to better your disappointing meals.

4. Protein Bars

Shasta essentials

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To be honest you will probably be carbed up from the plethora of beer you will be consuming, which is why you should focus on getting some protein in your system. When you’re not feeling your 5th burger, switch it up with a protein bar.

5. Peanut Butter

Shasta essentials

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Spent all your money on alcohol? No judgment if you opt out on the protein bars and pick up a jar of PB. Feel free to eat it by the spoonful.

6. Water

Shasta essentials

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Water is how you stay alive regardless, but especially important when it comes to surviving Shasta. Pound it down.