Feeding and shopping for a foodie can be hard. And when it comes to giving gifts during the holidays, we all want everyone to love our present. So, we've come up with a list of gift ideas that any foodie would love to have. So happy shopping, happy foodie, and happy holidays!

1. Apparel from Wholesome Culture Apparel 

Trendy and cute, anything from Wholesome Apparel will be sure to please any foodie. These clothes are designed for lovers of all animals. Make sure to check out this cute avocado shirt!

2. Food Decor

I recommend checking out EatSayLove on Etsy, super cute and fun designs that all revolve around food!  

3. Drink ware

You can find this wine glass and so many other adorable mugs with sarcastic quotes from Savage Sips on Etsy. You can also find travel mugs, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more items with quotes that fit any personality from Savage Sips!

4. Key Chain Condiments

Just fill these cute key chains with Sriracha and you're foodie will be ready to conquer the world! This can be a perfect stocking stuffer!

5. Zucchini Noodle Maker

Homemade vegetable noodles are a huge trend right now. Help your foodie hop on board with a vegetable noodle maker!

6. Food Jewelry 

"What you wear is what you want people to see you as"... if your foodie likes queso- this gift is a must. A gift idea for the foodie who is slightly too obsessed with food. 

7. Customized Spoon

You can eat ice cream, or you can eat ice cream off of your own personal ice cream spoon. We all know which one will taste better... This shop can make a customized spoon that says  anything!