The end of September is an exciting time for many reasons: the seasons are changing, it’s okay to start planning your insane Halloween costume, your football team has finally found its groove…but at Spoon, we think more along the lines of “what are we going make for our Rosh Hashanah feast?” or “wow, Oktoberfest is almost over so I should devote an entire day between now and next weekend to drink beer and eat brats,” and “thank the Lord it’s finally okay to eat pumpkin for every meal again.” The #SpoonFeed photos this past week reflected all of that last part and we’re here to tell you it’s 100% okay to think about food 100% of the time. So cozy up in that sweater you’ve missed all summer, follow us on Instagram and celebrate the return of fall foods.

Alright, this cupcake has cereal on top so we’re taking that as our cue to eat this for breakfast.

Dairy Queen doesn’t have “Queen” in the title for nothin’.

We don’t understand how that baby could take its eyes off of that beautifully crafted burger.

It’s all about that perfect pasta to sauce to parmesan cheese ratio. Looking to make a seasonal pasta of your own? Check out this delicious recipe for butternut squash pasta.

It’s like a delicious game of chess. Blueberry to e5!

Hey guys, meet The Zach. Underneath all that sauce he’s a fried chicken biscuit with a bacon fried egg and black pepper tabasco honey.

Because it’s Oktoberfest and if you haven’t eaten a Bavarian pretzel yet you’re doing it wrong.

“I find pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted cured meats.” -Seinfeld

Our girl nycdining is kicking off fall in style with these pumpkin cherry pie oat pancakes. Ready for this classic fall ingredient but aren’t quite sure what to make? Here are 13 ways to eat more pumpkin.

Every Roberta’s is like a snowflake: never the same but always beautiful.

Props to this girl for taking the time to make these peach cream cheese danishes from scratch.

Well if that wasn’t excuse enough, we suggest you get to your kitchens, whip up your favorite fall dish, take a pic of it, and follow us on Instagram so you can tag #SpoonFeed for a feature.