While everyone made quarantine banana bread and perfected their sourdough techniques, Alexa Seney dedicated her quarantine to creating the perfect cinnamon bun. Correction: the perfect Seney Bun. 

Seney works at a Harvard lab once a week, so when COVID-19 shut down the country, she looked for a hobby to pass the time, which eventually led her to learning how to make the perfect cinnamon bun. 

"I couldn't eat all the treats so I started doing deeds of the day", Seney said. During the months of March and April, she would pick a new recipe, bake a batch of them, and find a friend who was struggling that day with the heaviness of the pandemic.

Seney notes her inspiration for perfecting the cinnamon bun came from a long time dream of hers, "I always envisioned myself just like being the mom in town that has the best cinnamon buns ever," and that she "never had actually tried to even make them before". 

When asked how the business started to take off, Seney said, "so I drove them to Beverly to my friend who was pregnant and was even more depressed than I was, and she loved cinnamon buns as much as me."

Her friend loved them and after trying the original flavor, encouraged Seney to start her own business.

From there, Seney started selling to her friends and family via her personal Instagram. Eventually, she created the Seney Buns official Instagram, reached out to influencers, exchanged free cinnamon buns for promotional content, and Seney Buns became a Boston must-try.

Krishna Dave

We got to try a bunch of delicious flavors, but our favorites were definitely the original and the October flavor of the month (Pumpkin). The October flavor is available for just a couple more weeks and if you love fall or fall-themed goodies, this flavor is perfection. Every flavor Alexa Seney creates is delicious in its own way, but the Pumpkin Seney Bun is the perfect fall treat. 

Krishna Dave

When asked how she makes these cinnamon buns so delicious, Seney smiled and said she has a secret ingredient that she adds to each recipe. What's the key to making the perfect cinnamon bun? Seney wouldn't give away the secret, but she did say to make the entire bun as soft and gooey as the filling on the inside. 

Order information and pickup dates are available on her instagram page. Give Seney Buns a follow and don't miss out on this month's flavor!