Sending the perfect care package is no easy task. But these creative items are the perfect addition to any college student's dorm, homesick or not. This package contains not only yummy baked goods to heal the blues, but also the best "hidden-gem" items that your favorite student didn't even realize that they needed to make their college experience even greater. You can't go wrong with any of these essentials, so pick your favorites and make someone's day, or possibly even someone's week.

1. Baked Goods

Ashley Justiniano

Our mini fridges and microwaves really aren't capable of making anything close to these classic homemade cookies. There is a 10/10 chance that they will be devoured immediately after being opened, leaving them feeling both satisfied and nostalgic for homemade meals.

2. Emergen-C packets 

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Ari Richman

These are absolutely the best way to combat the dorm hall plague and make it home healthy for Thanksgiving break. Add one of these to a water before your 9 am class, and you will be all set for the day. Why go to the health-center when you don't have to?

3. Chamomile Tea and Honey

honey dipper, honey, sweet
Sam Jesner

When the Emergen-C isn't enough, chamomile tea and honey always help to cure sore throats. Boil hot water in your Keurig, place a tea bag in the cup, and your sore throat will immediately feel better. Some students swear by taking honey shots when they are desperate, but you'd have to test that out to confirm.

4. Advil

Kristine Mahan

Try naming a better way to help your student combat all of the aches and pains that the come with the craziness of college life. Advil is the best cure for a hangover headache, especially when you need to live at the lib on a Sunday to finish two papers and a 100-page reading by Monday morning.

5. Simple Face Masks

Elizabeth Layman

For nights when they want to stay in, they can relax and do Simple face masks with the roomie to wake up both looking and feeling refreshed. Again, this luxury is hard to find away from home, which makes adding it to your package so important. You can also make a DIY facial by combining honey and cinnamon if the facial mask doesn't make it into the package.

6. Photos of Pets

Charlotte Pratt

Sorry parents, but who do college students really miss the most while away? Their pets! Printed out photos of pets are the perfect addition to bland college walls to remind your student of home.

7. Scented Lotion

Scented-lotion is totally taken for granted at home. It is impossible to find on most campuses, so it is a must-have in your college care package. Beauty Counter uses both the safest and purest ingredients in their products, which makes them the perfect product for college students trying to stay healthy.

8. Hand-Written Cards

Most importantly, send a hand-written card for your student to save and read when baked goods and pampering aren't enough. Your student misses you more than you know and cards are the perfect way to fully send them the comfort of home. (Also, cash is always appreciated, because what college student isn't on a budget?)