There isn’t much that hasn’t already been said about chocolate’s taste, nutritional breakdown, rising cost or debated medicinal properties. Chocolate is easy enough to find–at every cash register, convenience store, coffee shop or dessert menu. Images come to mind of shiny wrappers, maybe dusted truffles, ice cream or mom’s fudge cake. Chocolate might as well be synonymous with indulgence. But moving forward into spring (finally), it won’t be easy to keep chocolate solid in any space without air conditioning, so below are melt-proof and unique chocolate eats. They’re also nutritious, and not only because of those antioxidants that let us rationalize Kit-Kats! (Who isn’t grateful for those?)

Milk and Honey Brand Granola enlisted the help of Chicagoan and Top Chef Masters Season One champ Rick Bayless to create a Mexican Mix. Cacao nibs add a bitter chocolate bite to peanuts, coconut, amaranth, and ancient gluten-free grain. You won’t be left with a bowl of chocolate milk when the cereal’s been devoured, but I’d bet you’ll be satisfied.

Numi Organic Tea produces a Chocolate Pu-erh Black Tea that could potentially end your daily coffee purchase. The chocolate isn’t timid, and even though it’s warm chocolate, you probably won’t miss milk.

Head to Yolo in Skokie for their 32-ingredient mole-covered short ribs. Our table fought over the plate’s leftovers, and we even ran out of tortillas to mop up the sauce with. The cocoa’s warming, so this is a great pick for a rainy summer night.