While the benefits of working at a startup are well-documented (hoodies, foosball, nap rooms, Justin Timberlake playing you in a movie), the most well-known startup perk has to be the almost endless supply of snacks each company showers upon its team.

Fresh fruits and veggies, ice cream bars with all the fixings, a waffle station that makes waffles in the shape of waffle stations, if you dreamed about it as a kid, odds are a startup has it. The best founders know a well-fed team is a happy team, and a happy team is a team that innovates.

While San Francisco seems to get all the love, there are thousands of startups in New York with dozens more popping up every day. The tech explosion has been so huge, trade sites have even christened the area “Silicon Alley.” Luckily, we here at Lynxsy have the inside scoop on some of the coolest startups in New York, and what snacks they’re munching on.


BarkBox delivers canine treats and toys straight to the doghouse.


Photo courtesy of Barkbox

“Here at the BarkPost and BarkBox there are definitely more dog snacks than human snacks, but the company-wide favorites are definitely the beer fridge, the freezer Reese’s, and the gummies!”


Millennial-friendly, personalized investment advice paired with low fees and great customer service.


Photo courtesy of Betterment

“Here at Betterment our snack wall is just one of the many perks, beef jerky and trail mix being fan favorites!”


Always wanted to try a Yoga class? What about drawing or cooking? Coursehorse lets you find, compare, and enroll in local classes.


Photo courtesy of Coursehorse

“The team at CourseHorse has always been sweet on fruits (in other words, candy, fruits, and fruit flavored candies).”


Hinge is like that awesome friend who gets you dates, but in app form.


Photo courtesy of Hinge

“At Hinge, our team is very close. Some might compare it to baby birds, growing together in a warm nest. Also, like birds, sometimes we feed each other.”


Their adaptive learning platform is rocking the ed-tech world, one classroom at a time.


Photo courtesy of Knewton

“Knewton is on a mission to personalize learning for the world. Just like every student has different learning needs, every Knerd has different dietary preferences. Our kitchen is stocked with everything from fresh grapefruits and blueberries to sweet treats to gluten-free chips.”


Noodle’s database is a must for folks who wants to make an informed decision about their education before dropping serious dough.


Photo courtesy of Noodle

“Fueling the leading education search site takes a lot of snacks! #Noodle #EducationIsEverywhere #SurroundedBySnacks”

Oscar Health

Fresh off $145M in funding, Oscar is humanizing health insurance for the millennial generation.


Photo courtesy of Oscar

“At Oscar, we’re fresh fruit fanatics! We keep our fridge stocked with blueberries, strawberries, grapes & bananas. We’re also nuts about nuts.”


Never pay too much for tickets again. SeatGeek collects all the internet’s ticket data and enables users to find the best deals.


Photo courtesy of SeatGeek

“Being a part of the SeatGeek team is your ticket to great snacking.  We have everything from kale chips to chocolate covered almonds!”

Stack Exchange

Have a question? Stack Exchange is a network of over 100 Q + A communities, including Stack Overflow, THE go-to guide for programmers in a crunch.


Photo courtesy of Stack Exchange

“Our lunches are fantastic on a daily basis, but we try to add a little extra flair as a surprise every once in a while. The chefs are huge GoT fans, so they were super excited to make a medieval style lunch fit for the King himself.”


With Timehop you can relive your social media memories every day. Marty McFly eat your heart out.


Photo courtesy of Timehop

“Building the future of digital history consumes a lot of energy. Here at Timehop, we refuel with a variety of healthy grains and protein!”


Never worry about splitting the bill again. Venmo makes it easy to pay friends straight from your phone.


Photo courtesy of Venmo

“Healthy living and eating are important values at Venmo. Besides plenty of healthy and organic snacks available all day long, we also have a fully stocked fridge with five different kinds of fresh fruit every day. Our favorite? We are bananas about bananas!”

As you can see, startups are about as famous for their fruits, chips, cookies, and beers as they are for their hoodies and MacBooks. But access to plentiful noshes isn’t the only awesome benefit about working at a high-growth tech company. Startups are the best place to contribute to a brilliant team, learn vital career skills, and have a hands-on impact from the moment you walk in the door.

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