I love how LÄRABARs are all natural. You are guaranteed to know and be able to pronounce every ingredient on the list. They're 100% made from whole foods such as nuts, spices, and dried fruits. Who doesn't want a bar packed with clean nutrition?

The LÄRABAR company has recently released their new seasonal flavors in perfect time for the holidays. Since I basically live off LÄRABARs and eat my fair share of treats, I thought I'd be the perfect judge to decide if these new bars are better than the actual food they are trying to mimic.

Pumpkin Pie

First off, this bar is not like Pumpkin Pie at all. I shouldn't be surprised considering the only ingredients were dates, cashews, almonds, dried pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice.

The overload of spices killed the taste of the bar making it more bitter than sweet. This bar only has 190 calories but I'd much rather spend those calories on an actual piece of pumpkin pie. A definite thumbs down. 


After trying the Pumpkin Pie LÄRABAR, I did not have high expectations for the Snickerdoodle Bar. The bar was very sweet but had a slight bitter taste from too much cinnamon. It did not taste like a snickerdoodle but I could kind of taste the resemblance. It was decent enough for me to recommend to others on a rare occasion. 


My first reaction was that all the bars look the same, even though they are made from different ingredients and are trying to imitate our favorite holiday desserts. Surprisingly, the bar actually smelt like the Snickerdoodle Bar which made me afraid to try this one. After my first few bites I noticed that it tasted like ginger but was similar to an actual snickerdoodle. This bar was by far the most bearable to eat. 

Overall, the new LÄRABAR seasonal flavors were a major let down. I suggest sticking to the basic flavors and if you do try a new season flavor, do not expect any of them to take remotely like the actual dessert. Otherwise, try to be crafting this holiday and make some DIY LÄRABARs. Most likely there's a good chance they'll turn out better than the real ones.