Food-scented candles are delicious smelling, romantic, relaxing and a super cute decor item. If you are shopping for a food and candle lover, you are in luck. Here is a guide to buying the perfect candle for each of your friend and family members' tastes. 

Sister: Jasmine & Bamboo

A sweet smelling candle that makes a cute decoration as well. Not overly sugary smelling, it's enjoyable and will not make your sis hungry.

$21.00 - 31.00

Brother: Golden Coast

This candle smells of sea salt, redwood, lavender and eucalyptus, great for freshening up any room. It also comes in travel size.

$11.00 - 32.00

Mom: Prosecco Rose

From Voluspa, candles with pretty packaging, fruity and herb scents. Mom doesn't have to know how much you paid for it. 

$10.00 - 30.00

Dad: Maple Creek Bourbon

I think I found it—the uber masculine candle. According to the description it smells like bourbon, pear, cinnamon, caramel and dark chocolate. Um…Yum?! And it is not terribly expensive.


Aunt and Uncle: Sea Salt and Sage

Also an adorable home decoration…Catching a theme? Sometimes it is hard to know what scents people like. This candle is not too fragrant but still pleasant, a very safe gamble. It ranges in price depending on your size and design choice. 

$11.00 - 31.00

Best Friend: Sugar and Spice

This candle smells like butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Now this is a food candle. Prices range depending on size and style. 

$1.99 - 27.99

Don't Know Them That Well (Secret Santa Recipient): Frosted Cranberry

That guessing-someone's-taste part of the holidays is always a challenge, especially if you don't know the recipient that well. At least let them know you are festive. 

$12.50 - 22.50

Mmmm…Smell that? That's the success of a good present my friend.