I'm about to blow your mind. Meet Besa mi Vino, the best organic ~canned~ wine on the market. Besa mi Vino was launched back in 2019 by two brothers Michael and Roddy Radnia. Without knowing much about wine, the two brothers set out to make a wine more “ethically responsible” and create something to better reflect the values of the consumer. You can find Besa mi Vino in two award-winning flavors, Just Right White, and All Day Rosé. Both varieties of Besa mi vino are grown from 100% organic grapes, vegan, gluten-free, and sulfate sensitive.

All Day Rosé is refreshing, bright, and pink (aka everything I need in a wine).  Just Right White is a light and bright finish with with a touch of fizz. We love it because Besa mi Vino fills the need for a sustainable and clean label wine that was organic, vegan, and sulfite-sensitive. The Radnia brothers visited over 100 wineries until they found the exact wine that met their standards.

You can order your new favorite wine online at drinkbesa.com. Available in 6, 12, and 24 packs of All Day Rosé, Just Right White, and a variety pack. It’s time to say hello to your new favorite wine.