When I’m hungry, I immediately reach for the first food item I see, regardless if it’s healthy or not. If you fill your pantry and fridge with more nutritious foods, you’re sure to grab a healthier option!

Swap chips for popcorn!


Photo by Laura Palladino

When craving something salty and crunchy, chips are usually the go-to snack. Unfortunately, a  small serving of chips tends to have a high calorie and fat content. If you’re looking for that crispy texture, try air-popped popcorn instead! It’ll be lower in fat and calories than chips and the fiber will keep you full. Be careful though… some popcorn flavors can be just as unhealthy as chips.

Swap candy for fruit!


Photo by Laura Palladino

If you think the only way to satisfy your sweettooth is with candy, think again. Fruit is a healthy way to get rid of that sugar craving. When you’re at the grocery store, look around and see what fruits are in season and try to buy those. They will be fresh and packed with nutrients. When I need to satisfy my cravings for something sweet, I like to freeze grapes and munch on them as I get hungry. They are the perfect sweet snack to fulfill even the strongest of sugar hankerings.

Swap ice cream for pudding!


Photo by Laura Palladino

I used to have a bad habit of ending every night with a big bowl of ice cream. If you often find yourself in the same situation, I have a healthier alternative for you! Try pudding instead. For the same measurement, pudding will be lower in calories and sugar than regular ice cream. You don’t have to sacrifice creamy, cold deliciousness for your health any longer!

Be sure to look for these alternatives the next time you go grocery shopping. If you fill your kitchen with healthier foods, you will definitely make better choices when it come to your diet. So, stock up and eat up, the healthy way!

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