Slap the bag just got a holiday makeover with a genius new product, Santa's Flask. A reusable stocking-shaped bag, Santa’s Flask holds 2.25 liters of any liquor of your choice. That’s three bottles of wine, a bowl of jungle juice, or a whole lot of water if you’re trying to avoid a massive hangover come Dec. 26.

Co-founder Jack Mulroe came up with the idea for this product after making a DIY version of it at a party in college. He put a bag of Franzia wine into a stocking and cut a hole in the bottom for the spout. The end product didn’t look pretty, but people loved it.

Three years later, Santa’s Flask has gained immense popularity. At just $14.99, this is one gift every student needs to get their hands on. Whether you decide to fill it with straight liquor or something more bougie, you’re guaranteed to be the crowd favorite at your next party.

Proceed with caution though, because holiday cheer won’t protect you from getting mono after you slap the bag. Trust us, we know...