While Instagram is great for a whole lot of things (#tbt anyone?), foodstagrams are fast becoming the crowning jewels of our insta feeds. And of the many foods to photograph, the lowly sandwich has risen to the top. From the gradeschool PB&J to the ramen burger, “sandwich” means much more today than plain-old ham and cheese. Here are 11 ways to up your sandwich insta game:

1. Melt the cheese

It’s a necessary homage to the grilled cheese, but if the cheese (cheddar, havarti, whatever floats your boat) isn’t melting, consider skipping it. Lukewarm, congealed (sorry, but it had to be said) cheese is just sad. Note: cream cheese is an acceptable dairy substitute for bagel sandwiches.

2. Stacks on stacks on stacks

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What’s one sandwich when you can have two? Or three? The more the merrier.

3. Slice it in half

Don’t be shy about showing off the ingredients (or about butchering your creation. It’s going to be eaten anyways). We want to see the sandwich in all of its glory, not just the bits of lettuce poking out on the sides. 

4. Make a mess

Sandwiches are finger food. They’re going to be messy when you eat it, so you might as well let your followers in on the experience.

5. Pile it high

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Sandwiches that barely fit in your hand make for prime food porn. Excess = likes (see #3). This is ‘murica after all.

6. Switch up the bread

Bagels, croissants, baguettes, biscuits, waffles – the options are endless. Just avoid wonder bread at all costs.

7. Make it a dessert

S’mores. Ice cream sandwiches. The Elvis. All sandwiches. All desserts.

8. Context, context, context

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A burger is great. A burger with fries is better. A burger with fries and a milkshake is best. 

9. Stretch the definition

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Sandwich (n) – an item of food consisting of two bread or bread-like edibles with any number of ingredients stuffed in-between. Thus, quesadillas and stuffed french toast are completely viable.

10. Know the classics

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You’ll never go wrong with a grilled cheese or burger. They’re beautiful things – both beloved and adaptable. Use them.

11. But capitalize on trends


Yolk porn is so in right now, avocado’s never been out, and this is the year of the waffle. Throw in any combination of popular food crazes, highlight them with hashtags, and you’re good to go.


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