I generally think of Sam's Club as the lesser version of Costco, but I'm considering changing sides at the moment. Sam's Club, aka the newest facilitator of my sugar vices, is selling 9-pound tubs of cookies and cream frosting.

According to Delish, you can go to the bakery at your local Sam's Club and order a variety of bulk icing varieties, but the most exciting flavor is clearly this cookies 'n creme Bettercreme option. The containers are about the size of one of those giant utility buckets you have in your garage, and yes, it really does hold 9-pounds of frosting. The whole thing, bucket and all, actually ends up weighing about 10.5 pounds.

If frozen, its shelf life is a year, but if you choose to refrigerate, you've got 14 days to finish it all. I say, challenge accepted! The icing itself is incredibly fluffy, with real Oreos crushed into it—it's a real dream. There are 117 servings included, each serving (coming in at 1/3 cup) is only 117 calories. I'll bet that's more than enough to frost roughly 100 cupcakes plus a cake or two, or to be the vessel for some serious bonding with your squad.

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Jina Kim

Because this delicacy is refrigerated, you can't order it online, which feels right. I think it would be too dangerous to have immediate, not-having-to-leave-your-house access to this much sugar. However, if you have a membership and are willing to drive to Sam's Club, you'll have to go to the bakery and ask for it. These tubs are theoretically made for bakers who are frosting large batches of cupcakes or other baked goods, but they're sold to anyone who asks, so yeah, go for it. 

and while I can't fully support a sugar binge, it can be fun to share in the experience with friends. 

This massive tub of frosting isn't Sam's Club's first foray into the world of giant foods (think the 3-lb. cinnamon roll that made headlines everywhere late last year). As a wholesale retailer, they actually specialize in ginormous food options. However, those of us in the public that aren't always in need of wholesale items have really taken advantage of the "huge food" concept. Eating oversized desserts has been on trend for a while now, and while I don’t usually support a full on sugar overload, it's clear the trend, like giant tubs of frosting, aren't going anywhere soon.