Burgers are a classic American meal, loved by many, hated by few; dressed up or down, it always wins. We at Saint Mary's know that it's a go-to when nothing else looks exciting in the Noble Family Dining Hall – you can't go wrong with that signature red basket. Or can you? Maybe "go wrong" is too dramatic, but when there are much better burgers in the cafe right next to the dining hall, (why they aren't in the dining hall instead?) the red baskets seem much less exciting. The fries are sometimes the only saving grace. 

I have broken down what makes a burger from Cyber Cafe much tastier than a DH burger...even though the same company makes them both.

The Bun

bread, tea
Emily Doyle

Oftentimes, the best part of a burger is the bun. This component can easily make or break the burger at a restaurant, home, or school, and we have a clear winner here with the Cyber bun. The fresh, slightly toasted Kaiser roll is so much better than the bun that has been sitting in the opened bag for a while getting stale. 

The winner: Cyber Cafe

The Meat

Emily Doyle

What makes a burger a burger? The meat. Or the veggie patty, if you're into that. Either way, this is the most important component of the burger. Now, if you're going to eat a burger, you may as well get a satisfying piece of meat, right? Wrong, if you're the dining hall. The picture above is a rather flimsy piece of meat that was probably frozen not too long ago, squished in between the aforementioned stale bread. As you can see, it is much smaller than the bun and looks way too crispy. You will not be satisfied.

The winner: Cyber Cafe

The Sides

Emily Doyle

A burger is not complete without fries, and this is the one category the dining hall has over Cyber. Although fries are an option in Cyber, you have to pay extra for them so depending on the amount of Munch Money you have left. You may as well just stick with the potato chips. The dining hall does fries pretty well, and you don't get an option for chips...but who's complaining?

The winner: Dining Hall (?!)

Honorable Mentions

ketchup, tomato, cheese, bread, french fries
Audrey Aucoin

Cheese: In my opinion, you can't have a burger without cheese, and Cyber wins this one too, with the cheese melted wonderfully onto the meat.

Tomato: This one is a tie between Cyber and the Dining Hall, since each served great slices of tomato to top the burger with.

Lettuce: This is a difficult part of the burger to eat. I have found that is slides off of the burger too often, but at Cyber you'll get one huge leaf of lettuce, which is actually easier to eat. I'm giving this one to Cyber, too. Surprise, surprise.

We at Saint Mary's all complain about our tiny little on-campus cafe, but where would we be without the burgers, finals week chocolate bars, and late-night orders of fries with our best friends? You rule, Cyber.