Disclaimer: This is purely opinion. Just like how in my opinion, peanut butter can really go on anything you’d ever want to eat. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 things do to with peanut butter.

Alright ladies and gents, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But before we all go getting our panties in a bundle over boxes of chocolates, dinner reservations and flowers, let’s take a step back and discuss what really happens on this day.

This day is the designated day each year when Hallmark cards, candy companies, flower boutiques and restaurants make a ton of money off of all the happy couples. Everything turns pink and red, food and items that were normal shapes before are now shaped like hearts, and every which way you turn reminds you that: 1. You have to show your partner how much you love them specifically on this day, or 2. You don’t have anyone to give heart shaped pizzas to and that makes you upset.

valentine's day

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Let’s be honest with ourselves. Valentine’s Day really doesn’t make anyone happy. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day reached its prime in elementary school. You remember what I’m talking about, when you brought a Valentine for everyone in your class and you walked out of school with a box full of candies and cards that said “Be Mine.” No one felt left out, no one felt ugly, or not loved or unwanted. But like I said, that was Valentine’s Day in its prime.

valentine's day

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Let’s look at this Hallmark holiday from a few different perspectives. And if you’re confused about what to do this Feb  14th, check out this article about what you’ll be eating according to your Facebook status.

When you have a Valentine:

valentine's day

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Pressure is on. If you’re a guy you feel pressure to buy your gal a box of chocolates and some flowers. But how big should the box be? How many flowers are enough? Hint: don’t get flowers. Read about why getting her a dozen donuts is better than a dozen roses. Dinner. Where should I take her? If the restaurant isn’t nice enough, will she not feel special? If you’re a girl, what do you even get a guy? Flowers? He doesn’t want that. Chocolates? Then you’re both getting the same thing. This day puts too much thought into what should be an unforced act of love and affection. Couples don’t need a day to tell them to be extra nice and giving to each other. Isn’t this what anniversaries and birthdays are for? Also, no one really needs to eat a whole box of chocolates; it’s not healthy.

When you don’t have a Valentine:

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Not having someone to “be yours” on this commercialized holiday only makes people feel bad about themselves. So you sit at home, order some take out and watch reruns of Friends…I guess. Sometimes you might even buy yourself a box of chocolates and then eat the whole thing because you’re “curious what flavor each one is.” But really, you’re just eating the evidence so no one else knows you bought the box for yourself.

Here’s the thing everyone, relationship or not. You are beautiful. You are smart, and kind and you have people who love you.

You don’t need any man or woman to buy you something in the shape of a heart to know that. People let the idea of this day affect their mood, self-confidence and self-image. DON’T. Whether you are hanging with your friends, with your significant other, with your parents, by yourself, WHOEVER, find the beauty and joy in what you are doing. When it comes down to it, February 14th is just another day in the year.

So no matter what plans you have for V-Day, do what you like, be with those you want to be with and of course eat some good food. Because by 12:00 AM on February 15th, everyone will forget about Valentine’s Day and start preparing their wardrobe, liquor cabinet and liver for St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t need a valentine to enjoy a refreshing green beer. Or a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake if you’re really feeling Irish.

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