Anyone see Sabra on Tinder today? Asking for a friend. In case you haven't gone swiping for a last minute Valentine's Day boo yet, we'll fill you in: Sabra has partnered with the dating app to offer singles the perfect match, aka you can literally swipe right on their hummus. 2018, what a time to be alive. 

Photo courtesy of Sabra

Swipe Right For Sabra

We asked why on earth Sabra is running ads on Tinder, and they told us, “Where else would we go to meet Singles for our Singles?” Touché, Sabra. 

Sabra is highlighting its individual cups of hummus Singles on Singles Awareness Day (#notashamed) by partnering with Tinder for some fun, tongue-in-cheek ads. They’re hoping that people find a match with the wholesome snack and we're not upset about it. 

In the end, chickpea dip will never disappoint, keep you waiting, or awkwardly talk about its ex. So, if you just happen to be swiping today and see Sabra, swipe right. I repeat: Swipe right, people! You can grab a coupon at and brag about your match on social media by using #SabraSingles. 

Photo courtesy of Sabra

Beyond Valentine's Day

This campaign truly makes our heart happy on this Valentine's Day, but the individual Sabra portions have officially made it on our list of go-to snacks for the whole year. This new Sabra option actually keeps you feeling full with 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, meaning, they're a great midday snack or addition to your lunch.

Not to mention, they're also a fantastic pre-date snack if you're meeting up with someone for drinks, but unsure if you'll both be ordering food. There's truly nothing worse than hearing your date already ate as you sit there literally starving and getting way tipsier than normal with each sip of wine. Learn from our awkward hunger encounters and pick up your Sabra Singles today... you heard here first, Sabra Singles for president. 

This post is sponsored by our favorite wingman, Sabra.