Breakfast *is* the most important meal of the day, and RXBAR is here to shake up your morning routine. Say goodbye to cereal, eggs, and toast, and say hello to new A.M. Oats from RXBAR. These packets of oats still have similar ingredients that you know and love from the signature RX A.M. Oats Cups from RXBAR, but take up less space than prepackaged oatmeal bowls. The sleek new A.M. Oats also boasts a brand new flavor, Cinnamon Spice, perfect for cold winter mornings.


Not only will you love how delicious these new oats from RXBAR are, but you’ll also love how nice and neat these packets store in the smallest of spaces. The new A.M. Oats packets are great for bustling Monday mornings, weekend excursions, and everything in between. You can grab your new favorite breakfast in two bold flavors, Cinnamon Spice and Maple. Can’t decide? Try the 30 count variety pack. Both flavors and the variety pack can be found online at

As if new breakfast options from RXBAR wasn’t enough to be hyped about, RXBAR is also expanding its RXercise program. Fans everywhere will have the chance to take classes and learn tips, tricks, and more from RXBAR’s all-star ambassador lineup: fitness and mindfulness guru Ally Love, Registered Dietitian Mia Zarlengo, and gym owner/fitness instructor Peter Kraus.

New RXercise sessions will run throughout 2021, kicking off on Feb. 8 at 5:30pm CST with a fitness class led by Peter Kraus. RXBAR will stream all classes via Instagram Live on their page @rxbar. Each stream will announce future challenges, tips, inspiration, and more.