Everyone who has ever tried an RXBAR loves them. And, as we all know, everyone on planet Earth loves peanut butter. So, if RXBAR were to meet nut butters, we would have their glorious new product: RXBAR nut butters.

If you claim to be a foodie, or even frequent the grocery store at all, you have heard about or seen RXBARs. The company prides itself on the very few ingredients used in its bars which are displayed proudly on the front package of every bar. They have a wide array of flavors sure to satisfy every health nerd out there. They even offer amazing seasonal flavors (be sure to check out the new Mango Pineapple). But, enough about the bars, we are here to talk about the nut butters.

The Deets

RXBAR has recently been purchased by Kellogg’s, and this is their first new product launch since this acquisition. Currently, the nut butters are offered in three flavors including peanut butter, honey cinnamon peanut butter, and vanilla almond butter. They are packaged in individual packets which make them super convenient for an on the go snack.

The Nutrition

Similar in packaging to the bars, the nut butters list their main ingredients on the front packaging. One egg white and half of a date is inside of each packet of deliciousness, in addition to a number of almonds/peanuts, depending on the variety purchased. If you are familiar with the bars you know each bar contains a little over 200 calories. The nut butter packets are similar at 180-190 calories, very close to the caloric content in two tablespoons of peanut butter. The product also boasts 9 grams of protein and contains no added sugars or oils.

Where to Find

Now that you are probably drooling just thinking about honey cinnamon peanut butter smothered on a banana, you probably want to know where to buy these nut butters. Unfortunately, this could be the tough part. Since the product is so new, it may be pretty difficult to find anywhere besides Whole Foods, Sprouts, or a similar health food store. Within the next few weeks to months, I would hope the product will start to become more available at other grocery stores that normally sell RXBARs.

So, if you have never heard of or tried RXBARs before, head to your nearest Trader Joe's/Target/Publix ASAP, because you have been missing out my friend. And, if you are lucky enough to see RXBAR’s new nut butters on the shelves, please purchase for those of us whose grocery stores are a little behind on the latest food trends.