Preparing to host a party on Super Bowl Sunday can be stressful, but one company, RW Garcia, is out to make snacking easier. 

RW and Margaret Garcia started their company, RW Garcia, more than 30 years ago and it is now a global operation offering a variety of organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free crackers and chips. Their preservative-free products are made in peanut-free facilities in the United States and sold around the world. 

When a representative reached out asking if I wanted to try some of their snacks, I accepted. I'm always looking for healthy and allergen-free foods to serve to friends. 


Arielle Gordon

Organic Chickpea: These are a solid cracker. They incorporate both corn and chickpeas but don't have an overpowering taste. The chickpea crackers will be a good addition to any cheese plate or dipping tray at a party. They are slightly salty and can be eaten plain, dipped or alongside other snacks. 

Harvest: The harvest crackers are the more exciting relative of the chickpea crackers. These are made of pumpkin and blue corn, so they come in both a yellow or a purple cracker. They can also be served with just about anything on your menu, and their color adds a boost to the rest of the spread. 

Kale: If the harvest crackers are colorful, the kale flavor is neon. These green crackers scream "I'm made with kale!" They have a stronger flavor on their own, but it doesn't exactly taste like raw kale. These are a good way to sneak a healthy bite into a party. 

Lentil with Turmeric: The only coated crackers of the bunch. These are made with corn and lentils but coated with turmeric, for a more flavorful chip. Think of these as the Cheetos of the bunch, a good snack that everyone will know you ate because it's all over your hands. 

Sweet Beet: To compliment the green kale crackers, the sweet beet ones are deep red. They aren't the same as serving beets at a party but are certainly more exciting. Again, a colorful, healthy snack to have on hand.

Sweet Potato: The sweet potato crackers are similar to the chickpea and harvest crackers. There isn't a ton of color or unique taste, but they are a healthy cracker that fits in well at a big party. 

Tortilla Chips 

Arielle Gordon

Bar-B-Q: These are a healthier alternative to other BBQ chips. With only two grams of sugar per serving, they manage to serve a sweet BBQ flavor that doesn't come with other unwanted ingredients. The crunchy corn chips are perfect for munching on during the big game. 

Corn Chips: The corn chips come in either yellow or blue. They are shaped like Fritos, which means you can easily devourer several handfuls without realizing it. These will be good with salsa, guacamole, and/or queso. 

Veggie: Meet the healthy alternative to veggie straws. Somehow, these red, yellow, and green chips manage to incorporate tomatoes, onions, carrots, spinach, and beets without tasting like salad. The triangular chips make a good base for nachos but can also be dipped like the corn chips. 

For sharing, RW Garcia offers 14-ounce MixtBags of the Yellow & Blue or Veggie flavors and a 16-ounce Big Bag of either yellow or blue corn tortilla chips. 

*Disclaimer* I can't eat dairy, so I didn't get to try the cheesy crackers or chili cheese flavors corn chips, but they exist! Find all RW Garcia products online.