It seems that the U.S is typically the last to try out new snacks. We had to wait for Cadbury Oreo Eggs, and Tim Tams took forever to cross the seas. But, I mean c'mon! Ritz originated in the U.S yet we had to wait for these four new crazy flavors to make their way over from the U.K! Well, good news...the wait is over! 

Ritz is now making oven baked chips, or Crisp & Thins (oven baked, not fried). These allow for a lighter snack, and you'll be happy to hear they're much more flavorful than the average fuller chip! So, wait no more. Here are the four new flavors, and you've got to try em'!

Bacon Crisp & Thins

Hate to say it, but personally, this flavor is not for me. I don't really understand the whole bacon thing, it's become such a huge add-on in foods and I thought bacon ice cream was overboard! But I'm sure all you bacon lovers have hit the jack pot! 

Sea Salt Crisp & Thins

This one's a safe bet, and it'll be good for everyone, because who doesn't like the classic sea salt flavor?

Cream Cheese and Onion Crisp & Thins

This flavor is similar to the taste of Pringles' sour cream and onion, which everyone loves. So, go out and buy a box of these (it'll be a crowd favorite)!

Salt and Vinegar Crisp & Thins

Spice up the bland 'sea salt' flavor, with salt and vinegar! Add some cheese, drizzle some honey and you'll be good to go!

These are flavorful and tasty—plus they're 50% less fat than a normal potato chip—so it just might be worth a shot for a gathering or an every day snack. It's about time Ritz spiced up there game and really took it to the next level! To become everyone's favorite host, check out this recipe to one-up your last party!