Westin Hotel Bagel

Photo taken from NY Daily News

A bagel topped with white truffle cream cheese, goji berry infused Riesling jelly, and topped with golden leaves for only $1000 was once available at New York’s Westin Hotel. That, or you can buy enough bagels from Bruegger’s to feed a small village for the same price. Take your pick.

Zillion-dollar Lobster Frittata

Photo taken from Sentient Decision Science

Le Parker Meridien in New York City serves a $1000 frittata made with eggs, sefruga caviar (which costs $65 per ounce), and a whole lobster. If you are wondering how to get this on campus (at a declinable fee), Starbucks also sells frittatas, sans-caviar.

Golden Opulence Sundae

Photo taken from Amazon

Ever been in the mood for the most expensive sundae in the world? Look no further than Serendipity 3. Priced at $1000, their Golden Opulence Sundae is covered in 23K gold leaves, along with the world’s most expensive chocolate, Amadei Porceleana. Other toppings include exotic dried fruits, truffles and Grand Passion Caviar (a dessert caviar). Not feeling so carefree with the sundae spending? Try Abbott’s Frozen Custard on Mt. Hope Ave.

230 FIFTH Dog

Photo taken from CDN

New York’s 230 Fifth has to be ordered 48 hours in advance. $2,300 can get you a hotdog made with 60-day dry-aged wagyu (a special kind of meat), topped with Vidalia onions cooked in Dom Perignon (a champagne), sauerkraut braised in Cristal (another champagne), and caviar (of course), all comes in the length of a baseball bat. Dogtown on Monroe Avenue has gourmet hot dogs for just a little cheaper.

Kopi Luwak


Photo taken from Flickr

Also known as the Wild Thai Civet Coffee, this is the rarest and most unique coffee in the world. These coffee cherries are digested and fermented by wild civets, a catlike animal natives to tropical Asia and Africa, and are then collected by the Akha-hillside tribe in a village in Thailand from their excrement! For those who can live with coffee under $50 a cup,  Connections and Pura Vida have got you covered.

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