I’m not sure about you, but I’m a big fan of the OG cereals. I’ve been eating Rice Krispies for breakfast since middle school, and I can honestly say that it really never gets old. Even though you can never go wrong with a classic, Rice Krispies is releasing a new flavor of their cereal in January 2019, and you’re going to want to pick up a box.

So, What Exactly Will It Taste Like?

The color indicates a flavor to match, and it's strawberry! Say hello to Strawberry Krispies. So if you’re like me and put banana in your cereal every morning, just picture the ideal smoothie combo of strawberry and banana, but in cereal form. Now that’s something you need to get your hands on

Rice Krispies has done this flavor once before in the 1980s, but the recipe has been completely revamped, so you can expect a totally different taste. It’s set to arrive in stores in January, so you can get your new year off to a great start with a new favorite cereal.