As a working Mom with a passion for healthy food, Lisa Pounds founded Green Plate Foods. Speculative that there were other parents out there struggling to find nutritious and fresh snacks for their children, Lisa identified a gap in the market.

She spent months learning about nutritious and tasty foods and tried out recipes again and again on the people she loved until she could craft a healthy, delicious, and diverse menu. By using only natural and locally sourced ingredients, Green Plate Foods not only provides healthy snacks but also minimizes environmental damage.

Green Plate Foods offers a range of snacks and I was fortunate enough to taste-test and review their newest cookie flavor: Cranberry Almond. This new cookie is the only vegan flavor in the cookie lineup so far. It is also gluten-free, if you’re into that. Aside from containing no artificial ingredients and preservatives, each cookie has 6 grams of vegan plant based protein!

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Grace Runnels

Tasty Time

Ok, now for the good stuff – the taste test and review.

Each cookie comes individually wrapped and is a bit smaller than the size of your palm (unless you have giant or little baby hands). The cookies also appear as natural as the ingredients they are made of – no bs, no artificial stuff.

sweet, chocolate
Grace Runnels

The cookies have a chewy, moist (sorry, I know that word makes some people cringe) texture with salty roasted almond crunches, pea protein crisps, and sweet dried cranberries dispersed throughout.

Each bite is slightly different than the one before. The delicious mixture of savory, from the roasted almonds and almond butter, and sweet, from the cranberries and cinnamon, blend to create the perfect snack for any time of the day.

There is no taste (or after taste) of protein as there sometimes is in products supplemented with protein. You could totally crumble these over a smoothie bowl or smear some almond butter on top for a more filling snack.

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Grace Runnels

All in All ...

I really enjoyed this cookie and so did my roommate. While Green Plate Foods was created based on the idea of a mom’s search for easy and nutritious snacks, I can testify that a college aged student can hang with the little kids and enjoy these cookies too.

Regardless of your age (gender, ethnicity, or religious background - kidding), I would absolutely suggest getting some of these cookies for yourself. Green Plate Foods offers a variety of snacks including cookies, muffins, fruit snacks, and more. And, with vegan, gluten free, and nut free options, there is something for everyone.

As of now, you can find Green Plate Foods products in various grocery stores, markets, and restaurants in a number of states or you can order them online. Check out this link to find stores that sell Green Plate Foods snacks in your area.