Remember when Commons took away all of the paper cups to scare us into using our own environmentally responsible, washable, reusable cups and we hated it?

Yeah, me too.

BUT they had a point.

The amount of paper cups that we take out of Commons every day is ridiculous. You can find them laying around the library, on the ground outside, and in the hands of a huge portion of the student body.

There is, of course, a significant population of students who use their own cups, but there should be many more! If you’re a paper cup enthusiast, it’s time to curb that enthusiasm, head to Target, and get that cute Tervis that you’ve had your eye on and here’s why…

  1. You get a discount at Opus for bringing your own mug/cup.
  2. It won’t leak on you and disintegrate after an hour, getting your drink all over your hands/face/dignity.
  3. It can reflect your personal style!
  4. You can make morning tea/coffee in your room and carry it to class with you without even stopping in a dining hall (avoid that herd, guys).
  5. During a stressful finals week, nobody will know if it isn’t filled with coffee *cough, cough* mama needs her study juice *cough, cough* study juice is wine.
  6. You can finally show all those dark-siders how environmentally conscious you really are!

So get out there, save the planet, and carry a cute cup! Good luck, kids.

reusable coffee cup

Photo by Emily Moschowitz

If you need more convincing on the necessity of you mug, check out what our friends at Spoon Penn State had to say, and if you want to make sure that your mug isn’t too “basic,” Spoon University of Rochester can help you out.

Check out Tervis for some really unique options or Clinton Pottery for those cool cups that they sell at Opus (or just check out Opus).