For those of us who went somewhere warm for Spring Break, it's safe to say that our eating habits beforehand were most likely healthier than usual. Almost everyone strives to reach the perfect "Spring Break bod." My personal motivation to eat healthy and hit the gym every day was making a list of all the food places I would be hitting up when my trip was over. Here's a list of all the best guilty pleasures around campus to satisfy your post-spring break cravings. 

1. French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven should be at the top of your list if you're looking for a heavenly (pun intended) place to satisfy your craving for greasy, yummy food. Forget your basic fries from the nearest drive-thru, because these fries are anything but ordinary.

Not only is their menu packed with delicious fry dishes such as pizza, taco, and buffalo chicken, but they also have shakes and funnel fries for those with a massive post-break sweet tooth. Just a warning: French Fry Heaven will cause you to never look at normal French fries the same ever again.

2. Raising Cane's 

What could be more pleasurable after a long period of spring break detoxing than taking a trip to the infamous Raising Cane's? Absolutely nothing. As a newer addition to UC's campus, Raising Cane's is always one of the more popular restaurants around the area.

Whether you order a three Finger Combo (or a Caniac Combo if you're looking to feel extra indulgent), Cane's chicken will have you feeling more than satisfied. The real question is, which is more satisfying: Diving into the ocean or diving into an order of Cane's Sauce? Highly debatable. 

3. The Mac Shack

As an extension of Keystone Bar & Grill and a popular restaurant on campus, The Mac Shack is the perfect location for quick, gourmet mac and cheese. What better way to celebrate a cheat meal than by stuffing your face with this ultimate cheesy goodness?

Instead of simple store-bought mac and cheese, this restaurant offers nine delicious mac and cheese dishes on the menu. With amazing favorites like Buffalo Springfield and B.B. King, it's safe to say that The Mac Shack puts Kraft to shame. 

4. Toppers Pizza

Located next to Uncle Woody's Pub is the ultimate pizza spot, Toppers Pizza. Not only do they have the typical pizza and wings menu, but they also carry what are known as "Topperstix." These glorious pizza breadsticks are exactly what one needs after a lengthy health kick. There's a Topperstix flavor for every kind of craving you may be experiencing. (May I suggest: cheesy Tacostix or gooey Cinnamonstix). With flavors like these, I think it would be considered cheating not to get an order of Topperstix.

5. Hwy 55

Spring break was fun and all, but time traveling to the '50s? Now that's what I call a good time. Although time traveling may not be possible, with Hwy 55 you can get your burger, shake, and fries in a '50s-style diner right on UC's campus. With an all-American menu, it's impossible to go wrong with anything you order here. Maintaining your post-Spring Break bod is rewarding and all, but so is inhaling an Andy's Bacon Cheeseburger from Hwy 55. I'll go with the second option, please!

No matter what cleanse you chose this Spring Break, UC students can take comfort in the fact that these outstanding food spots are right on campus for their indulging. Just remember, post-Spring Break does not last forever, so enjoy your splurge and then take a trip to the rec to wash away your guiltiest pleasures.