I can confidently say that most fast food workers don't like me. It's not for the reasons that you'd think such as sporting a poor attitude or being disrespectful. It's because of the weird quirks when it comes to ordering food.

Generally, I don't mean to do it. But at the same time, it's just something that I do without even thinking about it. So here are the five strangest things that I do when it comes to ordering food. 

1. Asking what the best thing on the menu is...When I already know what I'm ordering.

beer, coffee, pizza
Priya Mehra

Personally, I don't know why like I doing this but somehow I enjoy asking waitress or fast food workers this question—even when I already know the answer.

I just like to hear the opinions of the people who work there. When they don't have an answer I'll even push them to explain what they would order if they were in my shoes. At some point they have to say something. 

2. Using large bills for small purchases.

I don't know if this particular thing makes me a really bad person, but I really like doing this for no reason. Back in the day my mom would give my brother and I $100 bills to buy food, and so what would happen is we'd show up at a Burger King or some other type of restaurant and spend a total of $10. What would then proceed was a cashier giving us $90 in change and a lot of dirty looks (because we would end up cleaning out their cash register).

I think the reason why I truly enjoy doing it is because it makes me feel special—it's hard not to feel pretty important and rich with so much money in my hand. 

3. Asking "is this free?" when I know it is.

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Lauren Murray

Generally, I ask this question when I'm at Starbucks. And when I ask the question I already know the answer. I just like hearing that it's free. (But even if I didn't it would still be a valid question to ask because some restaurants charge way too much for an extra splash of milk or dollop of guacamole.)

4. Taking too long to order.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm someone who likes to take a long time doing things. But when it comes to ordering food it makes sense to take your time because you're far more likely to order something you don't like if you feel rushed (and no one wants that). I also just like to see how people react to marathon indecisiveness.

What happens when I go to a fast food place and stand in front of the menu and cashier two minutes too long (when I of course already know what I want)? 

Once someone asked me if I was ok and then went "to the bathroom" to speak with their manager because they were so confused by my behavior. 30 seconds later I just asked for a hamburger, paid and flashed them an awkward grinNeedless, to say it was memorable.

5. Getting the sizes mixed up.

I don't why I do this but for some reason whenever I go to Jack in the Box I always have trouble saying the word medium. I once went out with my siblings and after watching them all order "medium" combos still managed to get flustered and ask the cashier for the "size in between" combo. It resulted in a very long conversation between myself and the cashier in which she confusedly kept thinking I meant a small or a large. Needless to say, it got pretty awkward.

At the end of the day, it's worth remember that when you encounter people doing these things (or do them yourself), the unpredictability and awdward-ness that comes with such fast food restaurant habits make life a lot more fun (at the very least more exciting).