The only thing better than a a fresh batch of cookies is one giant, hot skillet one. Skillet cookies, known for their crispy edges and gooey center, are an upgrade to the traditional pies that crowd the dessert table at holiday gatherings. This year, Walmart is on trend and selling the ultimate Reese's Cookie Skillet Kit for all your holiday (or tbh, Netflix binging) needs. 

The Reese's Cookie Skillet Kit comes with a cast iron skillet, holiday spatula for mixing, and cookie mix made with Reese's chocolate and peanut butter chips. It goes for $14.98, which is a steal considering you're getting a cast iron skillet that you can use for ton of other things

Top your baked cookie with ice cream and eat it á la mode style, or dig your spoon in as is. This cookie is a guaranteed party pleaser.