You can never go wrong with food when it comes to gift giving. If someone gave me a box of cookies as a present, my heart would be so full. Expressing love to your friends and relatives can be shown in different ways, but now you can try with something new — Reed's Limited-Edition "Ginger All The Way" Holiday Box.

Reed's Limited-Edition "Ginger All The Way" Holiday Box

Image courtesy of Reed’s Inc.

Made from all-natural ingredients, Reed's has created a line of ginger beverages, candies and wellness shots perfect for any lifestyle. 

For a limited-time, Reed's is providing ginger enthusiasts with the chance to get their hands on all of their favorite products. Reed's "Ginger All The Way Box" includes Reed’s Real Ginger Ale (Original & Zero Sugar Original), Reed’s Wellness Ginger Shots (Daily Ginger & Ginger Energize) and Reed’s Craft Ginger Candy Chews. 

This box is available online at and retails for $19.99. If you love the box so much, each product included is also individually sold on Amazon.