Whenever we think of fall typically our minds go to “pumpkin spice and everything nice,” but why not give ginger a try? What about swapping out your typical apple cider for a nice crisp ginger ale? That sounds like a good time to me. I know what you might be thinking, ginger ale? Doesn’t it taste very artificial and sugary? Well, this is true for most generic brands, but not for Reed's Ginger Ale.

What Is Reed's Ginger Ale?

Reed's Ginger Ale is made with 100% real ginger. Ginger ale made with real ginger and other natural ingredients... SIGN ME UP. Reed's uses absolutely NO artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup and are non-GMO certified and kosher.

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is a superfood and Reed's Ginger Ale is packed with the freshest ginger — 2,000 milligrams to be exact. It is a great anti-inflammatory, helps improve overall digestive health, contains antioxidants, and calms nausea. 

Reed’s Ginger Ale has a crisp, clean gingery taste. Generic brand ginger ale tends to taste very sugary, artificial, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. However, Reed's makes me want to keep reaching for another bottle.

Reed's Ginger Products

Their ginger beer comes in three levels of spice: Original (low spice level), Extra (medium spice level) and Strongest (highest spice level). No matter what your spice tolerance is, Reed's has a product for you. Their ginger ale comes in its original flavor and, they make a zero sugar, zero-calorie version — I know, awesome right? Also, the brand carries non-alcoholic ginger ale and beers so the whole family can enjoy it.

I highly recommend their ginger chews which are perfect if you want to enjoy that crisp ginger flavor in a candy that can be enjoyed on the go. I personally love to stick a bunch of the chews in my purse and pull one out when i'm craving a tasty treat with a kick. I think it’s safe to say that Reed’s Ginger Ale is my new favorite go-to drink.

Where To Find Reed's

Reed's products are mostly sold on Amazon, but you could also use their store locator to find products near you.

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