Whether you're following a vegan lifestyle or just have a rocky relationship with dairy products, I'm sure we can all appreciate dairy-free alternatives to the foods and snacks we miss and love. With dozens of oat and nut milk options already on the shelves, it was only a matter of time until a dairy-free whipped cream was available to the masses, and we can thank Reddi-wip for that.

What is it?

Reddi-wip first announced that they would be releasing dairy-free whipped cream late last year, but we hadn't heard much else about the project until earlier this week when the products spontaneously showed up in supermarkets. Made similarly to the dairy version, the whipped cream's main ingredients are plant-based milks, with coconut and almond milk versions currently available in stores.

When I asked people who've tried the new products how they felt about these dairy-free alternatives, they said the texture was exactly like the normal whipped cream, while the flavor was a bit stronger. If you love the flavor of coconut, you should definitely try Reddi-wip's coconut milk whipped cream, but if you want something more similar to the dairy-filled stuff, you should probably go for the almond milk version.

Where can you find it?

So far these new Reddi-wip flavors have only been found in Publix grocery stores by Insta user @thetastyturtle, but perhaps they'll start making their way into other supermarket chains in the upcoming months. The price of these new dairy-free whipped creams seem to be a bit more expensive than their dairy counterparts, retailing around $4.89, but that is well-worth the price when you think about how convenient these products will make your future dessert plans.

While these products are still relatively new, it'll be interesting to see how interest in these dairy-free whipped creams will grow. And who knows, maybe in a few months we'll be able to ask for them at our favorite coffee shops.