Kit Kats never fail to impress. They were a childhood favorite of mine. Nothing beats tearing off the classic red wrapper and devouring that chocolate-covered wafer. Each bar has three layers of wafer, separated and covered by an outer layer of rich milk chocolate, and yes, it's as good as it sounds.

However, Hershey's has taken the classic to a new level. Red velvet Kit Kat bars just might be the next big thing in the candy world.

The Big News

It seems like it can't get any better than the classic Kit Kat bar. However, whether you like it or not, Valentine's Day (or Singles Appreciation Day, whatever you wanna call it) is coming up.

In honor of the holiday, red velvet-flavored Kit Kats have arrived in stores nationwide. 

The Surprising Appearance

Surprisingly, the wafers themselves aren't bright red. The candy itself is just red velvet-flavored and coated in a white créme. The candy is in the miniature form, which makes it an extra cute. Plus, there are cute cats on the packaging as a bonus. 

How Single People Will Benefit

We singles all need something to munch on while watching The Notebook, Mean Girls, or A Charlie Brown Valentine. Buy enough red velvet Kit Kats and your binge-watching will continue for hours.

The Taste Test

Sarah Arora

I went to the store and picked up some of the new Kit Kats in order to put them to the test. As soon as I unwrapped one, the smell of red velvet cake hit. The texture was just like that of a classic Kit Kat, crunchy wafers covered with smooth chocolate. 

On an honest note, they tasted better than I thought they would. The wafer has the cocoa-like taste that is similar to red velvet cake. The outside almost tastes like sweet and chocolaty cream cheese frosting. I give it a good 8.5/10.

Your one true love just might be red velvet Kit Kats.