When you think of ordering a burger, you probably think of fast food like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, or if you're kinda bougie, Shake Shack or In-N-Out. But there's a burger place that I think we all tend to forget about: Red Robin. It's completely underrated! Their burgers are labeled "gourmet" and their Red Robin seasoning on the fries... to die for. 

Well, if you wanna get in on that action, Red Robin wants to make you a loyal customer and is inviting you to eat burgers all year long with their ~new~ burger pass. Here's how it works.

The Deal

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is going to be offering a a new burger promotion, called the “Year of YUMMM.” Cute. They're advertising it as you can get 12 months' worth of Red Robin burgers for $99, but heads up, there's a catch.

First, we gotta clarify what a year's worth of burgers looks like here, because for some (including me), that could be quite a lot. With this pass, you get a $15 credit in the form of a gift card emailed to you on the first of each month to use towards your fave burgers. Their burgers range from about $10-$15, so in reality, that's really only about one burger per month. To put it simply, you get 12 burgers for $99, but if you do all the math, in the long run, it saves you about $80. 

So, yeah, Red Robin is not about to let you go ham and show up every day for free like it's your parent's house. Nor are they going to let you fizzle out of the program and have you forgetting to stop by towards the end of the year by emailing you once a month. 

But is the pass worth it? Sure. In fine print, it says you don't even have to use it on burgers, but can use it "to purchase anything on the menu at participating Red Robin locations." 

How To Get It

The next catch to the "Year of YUMMM" is that it's only being offered on Friday, Dec. 1 at 12 am EST to the first 10,000 people who want it.

If this all sounds bangin' to you and you're willing to wait up Thursday night, bookmark this link to purchase: redrobin.com/YearOfYummm.

If you know someone who is all about hitting up Red Robin, this deal is coming just in time for the holidays. It's like a heftier version of the traditional restaurant gift card gift. Come to think of it, I bet my dad would be all over this. He's all about their Bleu Ribbon burger topped with steak sauce, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, fried onion straws, and of course, Bleu cheese crumbles. Dad, if you're reading, act surprised on Christmas morning.