There is only one thing to do when you wake up to -2° F weather in January: Start planning the ultimate spring break that will convince you that it’s worth it to power through the winter. The only problem is that vacations can be expensive, and most of us are spending our money on food delivery because it’s too cold to leave the house.

But, if you’re over 18 years old and you currently attend a college or university, you can be looking at a free spring break trip brought to you by what seems to be the sponsor of college all-nighters, Red Bull.

Here’s The Deal

It’s basically like a version of “The Amazing Race.” You and a team of two friends will be dropped in one of the five starting locations in Europe, and you all must travel 600+ miles to reach Amsterdam in just seven days. Easy, right?

Here’s the catch: You have to ditch all of your credit cards, cash, and personal cell phones before you begin. But, instead of being left with absolutely nothing, your team is given 24 Red Bulls to bargain, strategize, and negotiate your way through Europe, in addition to one smartphone.

Imagine trying to convince a hotel or restaurant that they should give you a room or a meal for a couple of Red Bulls. Talk about an unforgettable spring break!

When Is This Actually Happening?! 

If you’re wondering if this free spring break adventure is actually an option for you, it begins on April 10 and lasts for a week. So check your calendars because you could be saying goodbye to the abnormally cold spring temps and hello to a once in a lifetime European experience with two best friends. 

How To Apply, Like Right Now 

All you have to do is make a video with your team, explaining why you should be chosen to get this free spring break vacation, and fill out an application. Then, upload your video to either Vimeo or Youtube. From there, it will be up to the public to decide on the finalists and a panel of judges will select the 200+ college-student winners.  

So, if you’re like me, sitting in bed right now avoiding the cold, grab two friends and get to shooting your submission video. You could end up going to Europe and uploading the Instagram-story of your lives.