Horoscopes are always here to offer helpful guidance. While we might not be looking for advice on where to travel or when to put in extra hours at the office right now, we are desperately seeking ideas and recipes to spend yet more time in the kitchen. Let your sign guide you in your next quarantine baking adventure!

Aquarius: Rhubarb Berry Upside-Down Cake

Aquariuses are always looking to brighten the day! This rhubarb berry cake is just the thing to make any day in quarantine sweeter, full of spring flavors and bright colors. Find the recipe online here!

Pisces: Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Pisces shouldn't look further than the wholesome and hearty banana chocolate chip bread. Always a pleaser, the baking classic is easy to make for both breakfast and dessert.

#Spoontip: Pair warm banana bread with some delicious vanilla ice cream for a fantastic dessert!

Aries: Crème Brûlée

Aries are all about fire, so why not try out the classic French dessert? Crème brûlée get its crispy glass-like crust from torch-lit sugar, making the recipe both exciting and fun to make! Click here for the recipe!

Taurus: Pain Au Chocolat

Known to be patient and reliable, Tauruses are always up for a challenge. The famous French breakfast pastry "pain au chocolat" is notoriously hard to perfect, but incredibly satisfying when correctly made. Imagine homemade croissants! Find the online recipe here!

Gemini: Marble Cake

Ah, the two of a kind Gemini! Why make one kind of cake when you can make two? Marble cakes are always a crowdpleaser, satisfying chocolate and vanilla lovers alike. Find a marble cake recipe here!

#Spoontip: Who said marble cake has to be chocolate and vanilla? Mix up marble cakes with different flavor combinations for a fun twist! Imagine strawberry and chocolate marble...

Cancer: Berry-Stuffed Cupcakes

Cancers want to share and spread the love. There is no better way to make others smile then homemade cupcakes. Found online here, these berry cupcakes are a tasty spring treat to shares with friends and neighbors! Small acts of kindness go a long way, especially now when we can't gather together. 

Leo:  Mini Fruit Tarts

Sweet and bright, Leos will love creating beautiful fruit masterpieces. Classic fruit tarts are relatively simple to make, but always look impressive. Find the recipe here!

#SpoonTip: Get creative with your fruit choices! Try color coordinating each tart or completely mixing it up for a variety of flavors and visuals. 

Virgo: Chocolate Éclairs

Chocolate éclairs require a steady hand and plenty of patience. It isn't easy to make them look nice. However, with all the time that everyone has, Virgos are sure to enjoy the challenge of carefully creating the French patisserie staple. Click here for the online recipe! 

Libra: Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

Cooking is fun for Libras, especially if they make it social! Get the family or your quarantine squad together to make this challenging but rewarding chocolate hazelnut torte. Talk about a rich and delicious dessert! 

Scorpio:  Sourdough

Ah, good old sourdough, a true quarantine classic! Serious bakers and Scorpios will enjoy the process of making the hearty bread from scratch, yielding a beautiful boule for the whole family to devour. Find the wholesome recipe here!

Sagittarius: Green Tea Mochi

Sagittariuses enjoy being adventurous and trying new things. For a unique dessert, try baking mochi, a Japanese rice dough that incases ice cream or custard. Mochi is both easy to make and incredibly delicious, allowing you to try new flavors from the comfort of your kitchen! Green tea mochi is a traditional option, but the sweet dessert can be made with many different flavors, including chocolate or blueberry. 

Capricorn: Cardamom Twist

Cardamom twists are a delicious breakfast classic in many Scandinavian countries. Determined Capricorns will find tasty cardamom twists a welcomed challenge that proves to be very rewarding. Find the online recipe here