Let's be real, 2020 has been wild and we still have over six months to go. One bright spot in this mess of a year is the fact that Recess—you know, the most aesthetically pleasing seltzer on the market—finally added more flavors to their lineup for the first time since their launch in 2018. Now you can chill out, and unwind with Coconut Lime, Blood Orange, and Black Cherry.

Recess has been helping us keep our cool here at Spoon University for a while now—I'm obsessed with the OG flavors Peach Ginger, Blackberry Chai and Pomegranate Hibiscus. This sparkling water is infused with hemp extract and adaptogens that will keep you calm, cool, and collected. Plus, these new flavors are a great way to detox, no matter what time it is. We already know that seltzer is the drink of summer (duh) and now you don’t have to break open a Claw at 2pm to get your seltzer fix. Or you can—I'm not your mom.

You can try all six flavors of Recess in their Sampler Pack for just $29.99. Or grab an 8-pack of your favorite flavor for $39.99. Recess also offers a convenient subscription, so you’ll never run out of your beloved seltzer. I love that all orders ship free, no matter if you’re just picking up a sample pack, or stocking up on your favorite flavor. Chill out and get an antidote for modern times at takearecess.com.