Which nut butter spread is better? Peanut butter or almond butter? Everyone knows that almond butter is the “better” nut butter. Needless to say, it seems to get a lot of praise, especially now that it has also become an alternative condiment for most recipes now a days.

So, why is almond butter the “better” nut butter? Well, let’s look at the nutritious values. Almond butter provides more vitamins and minerals than your average peanut butter. For instance, almond butter has double the amount of vitamin E, as well as more calcium and magnesium. In addition, almond butter contains less saturated fat, which is a no brainer for being healthy.

Of course almond butter is healthier, but is it really all that great?

1. Prices

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Peanut butter simply costs less and let’s face it, we’re all poor AF.

2. Convenience

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You can find peanut butter at your local grocery store, or basically everywhere.

3. Environmental reasons

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Factories use up more almonds to produce a jar of almond butter than the amount of peanuts to produce a jar of peanut butter, which means more pollution. In order to produce almond butter, the almond trees need a great amount of water. The almonds also need to be soaked in water before the process begins. So, imagine how much water is being wasted just to produce one jar of almond butter. Remember guys, our water supply is limited.

4. Protein

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Peanut butter contains more protein its competitors. Almond butter does have protein, but not as much as peanut butter. In your face, almond butter.

5. The taste

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Plain almond butter doesn’t really taste that great. I wouldn’t even lick it off a spoon as I would with peanut butter. Almonds taste better on their own, not as a spread.

Sure, almond butter is good for you, but peanut butter is just better overall (at least I think so). If you want want to be healthier, just eat almonds and stop buying almond butter.

Peanut butter FTW!