Food is what brings people together, so why not bring it to our campus? Spoon University is an online food publication that is our generation's number one food resource. We are an organization that brings 200+ campuses together by throwing awesome events, publishing bomb-ass articles, taking dope photos, all revolving around, well, food! Hooked yet? Well, here are just a few more reasons why you should join the Oregon State chapter of Spoon University.

1. Meet Other Food Lovers

Spoon isn't just a place to meet some cool people; it's a place where you get to connect and bond over your passion: FOOD. It's a fact that friendship centers around, so join Spoon and you'll have friends for life. 

2. We Look Great on Your Resume

It's pretty easy to say that grades sometimes aren't enough to land us that dream job. Employers are looking for your skills learned outside of the classroom. At Spoon University, you become a well-rounded person which shows future employers that you can handle responsibility, be a team player, and enjoy your work.


Spoon isn't just for the Beaver community; you can write about your favorite restaurant from back home, or tell people how your life experiences shaped the way you view food. Spoon has partnerships with some HUGE names in the media industry; including Buzzfeed, Refinery29, and Food Network. Your work is published across the Internet, and can be seen and shared by thousands.

4. You Get Hella Hookups

At Spoon University, you get super awesome swag and sometimes free food! The best part is, every chapter connects to Spoon HQ which offers in-house or remote internships every year, as well as other networking opportunities. You never know what door could open when joining Spoon.

5. You Get to Eat, and Eat, and Eat

Almost every meeting or event will have food. Also, Corvallis is full of local eateries that need to be explored. Being part of Spoon gives you an excuse to try that new pizza place downtown and take that flat lay picture with no shame. Soon enough, you'll become your friends' right hand, that go-to, for all things food. 

6. We Love Food

If you couldn't tell by this article, we are just a group of kick-ass students that are clearly in love with food. We take advantage of the fact that we can bond over our beautiful latte art and our favorite late night snack. Plus, we will NEVER judge when you spend that extra 10 minutes to take photos of our meal. 

So do you enjoy food? Do you like being around others who share the same passion as you? Are you a student at Oregon State? And you're on the Internet? Well then, sounds like you should join the team! You can join HERE!