Do you find yourself taking more pictures of food than yourself? 


Do you find yourself taking more pictures of food than yourself? 

Do you find yourself doing a little dance every time you devour good food? 

Or do maliciously stand your ground when people argue that pineapple doesn't belong on pizzas? 

If even one of the following questions above are answered with a yes, then join Spoon UB! 

"Dude like what even is Spoon?" 

Spoon University is an social platform created and designed by college students for college students moreover. You can get everything from easy meals hacks to healthier options or even the best place in town to grab wings *coughs* Anchor Bar. 

Check out our breathtaking morsels @spoon_ub. Go ahead and apply if we're already caught your eye : apply to Spoon

Orrrrrrrrrrr, continue below and trust me we'll convince you! 

You could literally do anything and everything you want, here at Spoon. 


Everything here basically revolves around food. We eat, experiment and explore various aspects of food (mostly just eat tbh)  

You could literally do anything and everything you want, here at Spoon. Secret Sauce will guide you through your training. It gives you an amazing opportunity to use as a platform and express whatever the f**k you want. Just like G- Eazy - "No limit" 

2. Meet other individuals who are just as passionate about food as you

You'd meet so many other individuals with similar interests and travel on foodventures as you set out to explore Buffalo either on campus or off. They will never get tired of the endless attempts to get the perfect Instagram picture. 

P.S : You'll always have someone to grab lunch with too 

3. Be part of a massive international community

There are more than a 200 chapters across the Spooniverse and it continues to grow. Every year Spoon University's hosts 'Brainfood' which is an event that brings together professionals and students to indulge in a day of celebrating food as it is. You get to meet chefs from around the world and sample their sensational makes. It's an inter-collision and exploration of food, tech and culture all held in Brooklyn. 

4. Hey, you might just get famous too 

Your work will be shared across all social media platforms and of course word spreads like wildfire. You would probably even get featured on Tastemade or Food Network. Even restaurants would be setting you up with those free dinners to promote their labels. 


We're all broke college kids out here so who wouldn't want free munchies and goodies? And as the saying goes "If it's free? Then it's for me".  You'd also be proudly reppin' Spoon merchandise. 

6. And that's another one to add to your resume 

Explore your various talents with positions at Spoon such as writer, marketer, videographer or photographer. You'd get a kick-ass add on to your resume and maybe even get a full time job here at Spoon or other startup companies such as Buzzfeed or Food Network.