Let me start by saying this: I have zero shame in admitting that I am a huge "Real Housewives" fan. The more drama, the better. Although I may not be the star of a reality show on Bravo (yet), I have one important thing in common with the Real Housewives, and that's a love of food.

Strip away the designer handbags and fancy cars, and it's really just a bunch of women who love food. With that being said, you can most likely relate to them perfectly when it comes to each of these food dilemmas.

1. When Your Food is Taking Forever to Come Out

We've all been there. You've been waiting for your food to come out for so long that you're ready to eat one of your limbs. But keep these tips in mind before you make a major faux pas. Ramona probably should too. 

2. When You're Feeling Hangry

I'm the first to admit that I, like Kandi, am quite the hangry gal when I am in need of food. But don't feel bad, there's a scientific reason as to why you get hangry. It happens to the best of us, even real housewives.

3. When You're at a Buffet

Let's be real– buffets are amazing. Bonus points if it's all-you-can-eat. You may have had to fast the day before, but as Teresa would say, "Bring it baby!" If you're up for a challenge, this is definitely a meal for you. 

4. When You're Fed Up With Your Diet

We've all said it before. We plan to eat a nice, healthy dinner before we go out and only drink vodka sodas so we aren't hit with sugar and calories. But let's be real, how often do we actually stick to that plan? 

5. When You Say You're Not Eating Cake at a Birthday Party

Lisa Rinna gets it. How many times have you gone to a birthday party and said you weren't eating cake? Then at said birthday party, cake was offered to you and you were like, "OKAY FINE YEAH." Don't lie. And don't pass up a piece of cake.

6. When You've Accepted the Fact That You Are Not Cooking Tonight

After a long day, who gets excited to cook? Not me. Phaedra perfectly summed it up– get food delivered. Check out these delivery apps next time you're feeling a little lazy or uninspired in the kitchen.

7. When You See Someone Disrespecting a Piece of Pizza

There are fewer things worse than a perfect piece of pizza going to waste. I think we can all relate to Kyle in a situation like this one. For now, let's have a moment of silence for this dismal slice. Gone, but not forgotten.

8. When All Your Friends Order Something Healthy

Nothing is more odd to me than when my friends all just magically decide they're going to eat salads at lunch. Like seriously, who are you guys and what did you do with my friends? I'll just hang out with Yolanda and eat French fries

9. When You Just Really Need Some Pizza

Okay, so she isn't a housewife, but Milania Giudice has emerged as an icon on "Real Housewives of New Jersey." She may have called her father Joe an "old troll," but we can't be punished for what we say when we were hungry. Especially when pizza is involved.