Our favorite juice brand, Raw Generation, is out here reinventing lemonade. Raw Generation’s Lemon Squeeze drinks are here to put an end to the old sugary, processed lemonade by creating the ultimate summer drink. This lemonade made with no processed sugar and only using nutritious ingredients. Raw Generation’s Lemon Squeeze is all of the great taste with none of the bad stuff. With three epic flavors, including Spicy Jalapeño Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Pineapple Mint Lemonade, there's literally something for everyone.

While I’m a sucker for all things Strawberry Lemonade, all three flavors of Lemon Squeeze are delicious and refreshing. The Pineapple Mint Lemonade is sweet and leaves you with that cooling mint feeling after every sip. The Spicy Jalapeño Lemonade is perfectly sweet with a spicy kick. And of course, the Strawberry Lemonade is everything I could ever want from a summer beverage, equal parts sweet and tart. This is my new go-to drink for any hot summer day.

With benefits like hydration, improved gut health, and immunity through ingredients like raw honey, lemon juice, and Vitamin C, these drinks are great on their own or make for a great tasting cocktail mixer. Pro tip: mix some of your favorite tequila with the Spicy Jalapeño Lemonade for a great spicy marg. You can purchase Raw Generation’s Summer Squeeze Lemonades online. Act fast, while Raw Gen is offering 50% off and free shipping.