Remember when you were a little kid and all you wanted was one sweet taste of cookie dough before it was placed in the oven? Chances are your mom didn't budge and give you just a little scoop of what was left over. You can now make your six year old self happy with the city’s next big dessert trend! The cookie dough cone trend started off at DŌ Cookie Dough Confections in New York, and now Junked Food Co. is bringing raw cookie dough cones to Toronto!

Where can you find it?

Junked Food Co. recently reopened their location at 507 Queen St. W and cleary wanted to set things off with a huge bang. This quick service spot is known for their unique variety of junk food favourites, and adding raw cookie dough served like ice cream is just the cherry on top. Cookie dough flavours include cookies n creme, birthday cake, and s’mores with plans to add flavours like candy land, and red velvet on the way. 

What can you order?

At just $5.95 for a scoop, Junked Food Co. will truly satisfy your taste buds. Throw in a few extra bucks and you can fancy it up in a waffle cone to make your cookie truly feel like ice-cream. To make things extra sugary and sweet, they offer toppings like sweet tarts, Oreo cookies, sprinkles and sauces.

Since it’s now possible to get your hands on this sweet treat and fulfill our childhood cravings, you can throw away that Pillsbury cookie dough sitting your fridge and visit Junked Food Co. where your taste buds (and inner child) will thank you!