Trying to get turnt, thin out some paint, or maybe just love a liquid in a spherical container? Ugh, me too. The BuzzBall truly does it all with its potent 15-20% alcohol content. This self-contained mix drink is available in 11 flavors; just a variation of liquor and 100% juice.

I know what you're thinking—it's too good to be true. Well, I don’t think so. Buzzballs contain no high-fructose corn syrup and are Kosher certified! CRAZY, right?

So, being a self-proclaimed mixologist specializing in mass quantities of riot punch, I thought who better than I to proclaim an unofficial ranking of this blinding elixir. Never had one? Well, buckle up! Let me give you the skinny on these boozy orbs.

SCALE 11-1: (11 worst -1 best) Ranked in a tasting panel with four friends: Jennifer, HannahFox and Campbell (Ranking made by the following recorded comments).

11. Lotta Colada

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One panel member vomited upon consumption. "I can't with this one." 

10. Pumpkin Pie Eater

Get this limited edition flavor while you can.

"I was too scared to taste it... wait, it tastes like a pumpkin spice latte and a rubber tire." 

9. Mile High Krush

Katie Orlady

Mysteriously only available in select locations, I don't think anyone is too upset about that.

"I can smell it from here." 

8. OJ Screamer

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If you are feeling something chalky.

"Smells like an early morning tailgate, tastes like a watered down screwdriver.

7. Forbidden Apple

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The perfect flavor to drink when options are slim.

"I wish this was actually forbidden."

6. Cran Blaster

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Vodka with cranberry, other natural flavors and elderberry extract.

"It's not as punch-you-in-the-face as the other flavors."

5. Strawberry Rum Job

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Remember those hard candies that were wrapped to look like a strawberry? It tastes like that.

"It tastes like boozy candy, I like it." 

4. Tequila Rita

It's not the best, but its not the worst ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

"Looks radioactive and tastes like a hangover.

3. Bluberry Blitz

If you can get past the mildly chunky texture, this flavor is a star.

"Can I have another sip?" 

2. Peach Ballz

A thumbs up to this flavor.

"A jungle juice, cough medicine cross breed, but I really like it." 

1. Choc Tease

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WOW, surprise... Choc Tease definitely won a gold metal with us, too. This flavor's creamy exterior, at first deceiving, is actually delicious.  

"This is dank, I would buy this." 

So next time you're reaching for a BuzzBall, remember this trusty list of flavors and make good choices.