Le Gourmet is a staple for Tulane students. They have everything from acai bowls, smoothies, granola, and more, but my favorite thing on the menu is their toasts. They have three toasts, all unique and delicious. Scroll for my ranking on the loaded Le Gourmet toasts.

Loaded Avocado

The loaded avocado toast is exactly what a traditional avocado toast should be. The toast itself has the perfect crunch and gives a great balance to the rest of the toppings which are softer. The creamy avocado tasted fresh but did not overpower any of the other flavors. The feta was flawlessly crumbled throughout the toast and complimented every bite. I did notice there was too much arugula on top, but once I removed some I was delighted with the flavor it added. They top it off with red pepper flakes and everything bagel seasoning which I think they could have been a little more generous with but were a superb addition to the toast as a whole. Although the loaded avocado toast is a must-try, it was not my favorite compared to the other options.

Nuts for Nanners

My next favorite toast was the Nuts for Nanners toast that features peanut butter, bananas, chia seeds, cinnamon, and honey. The peanut butter was smooth and given with exactly the right amount. The banana and peanut butter work together in perfect harmony, as the banana was perfectly ripe and sliced with precision. The bread gave the whole meal a nice texture which balanced the softer ingredients really well. I really enjoyed the addition of the chia seeds sprinkled throughout which had a mild but present flavor and added another layer of crispness to the meal. To top it off there was cinnamon which brought a new flavor to the toast and a drizzle of honey that was to die for. This is the sweetest way to start your Tulane morning.

Avo Caprese

I am a big Caprese fan so when saw this on the Le Gourmet menu, I was beyond excited. The avocado is mashed to perfection, and although I am personally not a fan of tomatoes, the toast would not be the same without them. The tomatoes are juicy and are complemented by the avocado and the garnish of basil. Now, who doesn’t want more mozzarella balls in their life? There is an excellent mozzarella to avocado ratio, and the mozzarella is chewy but light. But the star of the show is the balsamic glaze. The balsamic glaze is like a dream and provides a sweet balance to the rest of the savory ingredients and the salt and pepper they add on the top. It ties the whole toast together and sets it apart from the other two toasts. 

I can not recommend these toasts enough. They are delicious, healthy, and perfectly filling. You can bring them to go or sit outside with friends and enjoy Tulane's beautiful campus. They are my go-to for breakfast and lunch and my favorite food at Tulane. Le Gourmet is a fantastic spot for all things healthy and is a must-try for any Tulane student.