I love Naked. Did I just make you cringe? Sorry, not sorry. Naked Juice is an essential part of my college experience and I'm not shy about spreading my love for the brand. I drink a bottle two to three times a week and try a different flavor almost every time. Some might call me an addict, but since it's juice I don't see how that's a bad thing. I've reached a point in my Naked Juice drinking career where I'm 100% confident I can rank all the Naked juice flavors that I've tried and tell you which one reigns supreme. 

10. Berry Blast

This smoothie is pretty sweet and refreshing. However, it kind of tastes like that berry medicine I used to have as a kid whenever I caught the seasonal cold. It's good, but alas it's last on my list of faves.

9. Blue Machine

This blue goodness is super filling and has plenty of antioxidants that keep me going. However, it dyes your tongue and your teeth blue for some time, which can get annoying. 

8. Pure Coconut Water

Naked has a coconut water that is super refreshing and fantastic for smoothies. I especially love to infuse it with lime, but it's great on its own as well. 

7. Red Machine

I love all red fruits and vegetables, from sweet cherries to bright beets. This red machine juice is a winner, but I think it's a bit too sweet and could use some veggie flavor. 

6. OJ

This is probably the most unoriginal Naked flavor, but you really can't go wrong with classic OJ. I love this in the morning the good old fashioned way, with eggs and toast on the side. 

5. Green Machine

Green smoothies are my second religion, but I don't always have time to blend up my greens in between classes. When I'm short on time, I turn to Boosted Green Machine to get my daily dose of kale, spinach, kiwi, and more. 

4. Power C-Machine

I discovered Power C-Machine quite recently at the campus convenience store, and it's now one of my favorites. The guava and strawberry add an interesting tang to this powerful juice magic. 

3. Mighty Mango

Mighty Mango is a classic Naked hit. It is bursting with tropical flavors, and I enjoy it all year round. Sometimes, I even mix it with OJ (see #6). 

2. Strawberry Banana

This juice tastes like my childhood. Every time my brother and I would hit the mall, we'd get strawberry banana smoothies. This Naked juice flavor is the perfect treat after a 75-minute neuroscience lecture. 

1. Orange Mango

This juice is super refreshing, and I tend to drink it right after class so that I can start studying right away. It's super filling and tastes like I'm on Maui again. Sometimes, I even add the leftovers to my morning smoothie the next day.

Nothing beats a bowl of fruit or a homemade smoothie, but Naked is definitely my go-to drink if I'm in a rush (which is often). That's why I've gotten lucky enough to try a lot of the flavors, and I highly recommend you incorporating a bottle or into your weekly routine.