Lately, ramen has been blowing up in the food world. From ramen shops popping up all over major cities to new ramen inventions, like ramen burgers, the U.S. is lovin' this traditional Japanese noodle dish. And, just recently, Instagram has become flooded with photos of the newest ramen trend — dessert ramen. So, how did this savory dish turn sweet, and more importantly, would you want to try it?

What Is It?

The noodles are kanten noodles, which are jello-like in texture and made from algae. The kanten noodles come in a variety of flavors like peach, green tea milk, and brown sugar. These noodles are served on top of condensed milk and crushed ice (or coconut milk, if you live that vegan lifestyle). Then, they are loaded with toppings like mocha, melon, and mango. This interesting combination of ingredients creates quite a vibrant looking bowl.

Where Can You Get It?

If this sounds like something you might want to try, then hit up The Dessert Kitchen in NYC. They’re famous for their dessert ramen which, is only 8 bucks a bowl.

Although this may sound and look like a daunting dessert, I recommend you give it a try. It is supposed to be the perfect amount of sweetness and a great combination of textures. Basically, it's a party in your mouth, and I know it’s going to be the first place I hit up next time I’m in New York City.